Jules Watson, Historical Fiction Author

"Jules Watson has conjured up the mythic past, a
land of Celtic legend and stark grandeur. Readers
will find her world and characters fascinating and unforgettable." -
Sharon Penman, bestselling author of Devil's Brood

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Raven Queen
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Praise for The Raven Queen

"We both love Celtic mythology and were thrilled to discover Jules Watson. Her Dalraida trilogy was fabulous and The Raven Queen is her very best. Watson reminds us of another great story teller, Jean Auel." CBS affiliate (TVF) "Talk of the Town" television show

"Fans of Watson's previous volume of fictionalized Irish mythology The Swan Maiden will love this - it's even better! Once again Watson brings Irish lore to life with characters and issues that resonate with contemporary readers. Don't miss this one, it's a keeper." Romantic Times

"THE RAVEN QUEEN is a fine, beautifully crafted rendition of a very exciting and magical legend. While based on a Celtic fable, Ms. Watson manages to show Maeve as a marvelous leader who just happens to be a woman. Maeve is strong, brave, and fearless, but doesn't lose the side of her that makes her all too human, able to love and to make difficult choices that could damage that love. All of the characters are richly presented, the historical research impeccable, and the writing is brilliant. Readers will find themselves totally immersed in the ancient Celtic world and will be cheering for Maeve. THE RAVEN QUEEN is a Perfect 10 all the way." Romance Reviews Today

"Make sure you take plenty of "me time" to read this book. Because once you start you will not want to pull yourself out of this land rich in history and danger. I thoroughly appreciated Ms. Watson's additional information included with this read, everything from pronunciation of names to the myths and legends behind Maeve's story. The vivid detail that is used to describe scenery transports you; the description of characters help you understand each one for who they are and what they bring to the story. All these great qualities make for a great read for fans of history, romance, and fantasy." Coffee Time Reviews: 4 cups

Other PR for The Raven Queen:

You can listen to the archive of my radio interview on ISIS Paranormal Radio here. I talk about the Irish and Scots mythology in my books, and a lot about the spiritual aspects of my writing, as well.

My radio interview for The Raven Queen on Sedona Talk Radio's Flash of Spirit show is archived here

Bantam Spectra's site suvudu.com posted an interview with me. You can search by my name.

I contributed a guest post to the well-known writers' site Writer Unboxed. It is about making sure you give your characters the right motivations, so their behavior does not frustrate readers!

I was given a spotlight interview as a Top Pick on the Romantic Times website, on the sci-fi / fantasy page. RT also posted an excerpt from the book here

An interview with me was posted on the blog Passage to the Past.

Praise for The Swan Maiden

“Wonderful. Watson does not tell the story, she lives it.  Mystical and poetic, a tour de force. A magical and compelling recreation of the lost Celtic world.” — Rosalind Miles, author of Isolde, Queen of the Western Isles

“Jules Watson has conjured up the mythic past, a land of Celtic legend and stark grandeur.  Readers will find her world and characters fascinating and unforgettable.”—Sharon K. Penman, author of Devil’s Brood and The Sunne in Splendour

"In this graceful retelling of the Irish legend of Deirdre of the Sorrows, the young woman whose birth laid a curse upon the kingdom of Ulster and its aging king, Conor, the author of The White Mare captures the sense of tragedy, nobility, and the acceptance of destiny that permeates Celtic myth. Watson's characters have both a larger-than-life appeal and a commonality that emphasizes their human frailty as well as their dedication to life and love." Library Journal

"Deirdre's story is both glorious and heartbreaking, and Watson uses her beautiful prose and Celtic knowledge to weave a stunning novel that is both uplifting and magical. A wonderful love story, and some unforgettable characters." Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

"Watson's prose snatches the reader's full attention from the first sentence and refuses to let go until the final page. Irish myths and legends are famous for being complicated and detailed, yet the author painstakingly builds a world of druids, Irish kings and ancient heroes that is straight forward and sensible. A must-read for anyone who loves Irish folklore." The Romantic Times

"The Irish legend of Deirdre and Naisi is retold in exquisite detail by Jules Watson. She brings to life every drop of rain, blade of grass, and scent of the forest for her readers. Her characters sway you with their heart-rending love for each other and their lands, but what really strikes a chord is how she digs deep into their souls and lays everything bare. Their pain and sorrow are as poetically described as their joy, and each page feels like lyrical prose. Such attention to detail and beautifully rendered dialogue is the mark of a true artist, and Jules Watson should be applauded, for this is a book to be read over and over." Coffee Time Romance 5 cups 'Ultra Rare Extraordinary Read'

The Song of the North in the US – released as The Boar Stone in the UK, Canada and Australia and New Zealand:

"It's epic historical fantasy in the vein of Morgan Llywelyn, Marion Zimmer Bradley, or Donna Gillespie, filled with memorable characters, tense action, romance, intrigue, and a little bit of magic all woven into a richly layered plot. The pages turned themselves, and the characters stayed with me long after I put the book down."
Historical Novels Review

Archeologist Watson concludes her popular Dalriada trilogy (after The Dawn Stag and The White Mare), with another richly imagined and action-packed saga. Watson's heroine, Minna, is a nursemaid for a Roman family living south of Hadrian's Wall that separates Roman Britannia from barbarian Alba (present-day Scotland). A half-caste with unnatural eyes and strange ways, Minna runs away after the death of her beloved grandmother. Traveling north where her brother serves with the legions, Minna is captured by slave traders and sold into slavery. Her new owner, Queen Maeve, the wife of King Cahir of Dalriada—one of the tribal kingdoms of Alba—assigns her to tutor royal children. King Cahir soon realizes that the new tutor is a 'sign of the prophecy' that it is his destiny to free Alba of Rome. King Cahir forges an alliance among the usually fractious northern tribes and marches south to confront the Romans. Standing in their way are the hated Roman legions, their despised Wall, Minna's split allegiance to her Roman roots and her captors, and treachery among Cahir's family and allies. Watson's work is as inventive, eloquent and exotic as ever; her fans will relish this rousing conclusion.
Publisher’s Weekly

The White Mare

“With nods to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, newcomer Watson presents an ancient Scotland tightly laced with romantic tension, treachery, and cliffhangers aplenty… Mightily appealing.”
--Kirkus (starred review)

“Watson deftly blends fact and fancy, action and romance in her splendid historical fantasy debut… An appealing love story, well-researched settings, and an interesting take on goddess worship.”
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“It requires a special sort of imagination to create a plausible vision of Britain at the time of the Roman conquest. Jules Watson rises effortlessly to the challenge.”
--Daily Express

‘In the grand tradition of the historical epic, this is a tale of heroic deeds, kinship and kingship.  Truly sumptuous reading’  Lancashire Evening Post

“A sweeping tale of the struggle for love, honor, freedom, and power.”
--Home and Country

“Strong characters, a compelling story, and sound historical research make this a winner. A stunning debut novel.”
--Juliet Marillier

“Lovers of all things Celtic will find much to satisfy in this incredible tome.”
--Good Book Guide

“She breaks new ground targeting Roman incursions north of the border, a road few historical novelists dare to tread’ Herald

The Dawn Stag

“Richly imagined… Watson brings first-century AD Britain to vivid life with just the right details at the right times, and successfully keeps the tension high, balancing violence and tragedy with romance and religious transcendence.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Epic and spellbinding . . . The exploration of period gender roles and the intriguing diversions into pagan mythology enhance this enchanting tale. And while the tale is dense and leisurely paced, its emotional impact is significant . . . If the components of a novel are a volley of arrows, then Watson hits her targets every time’  Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A scorching read that will keep readers breathless.”
--Good Book Guide

“Watson has researched her locations and history well, but has also confidently used the latitude provided by a little-known era…firmly in historical romance territory, as the love story is the main focus. This fresh and interesting page-turner is a confident and assured debut.”
--Historical Novels Review

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